Udon Noodles with Tofu, Enoki and Shitake Mushrooms

Wasn’t summer just a few weeks ago? Or am I still in chill-weather denial?

Today, the winds were bone-cold and whipping through the streets. It rained all day and I don’t think there was a ray of sunlight for the past 48 hours.

To top it off, Magnus started to have deeper coughs than last week and had trouble breathing.

On days like this, I always make some heart-warming noodle soup, so simple and rich at the same time. This noodle soup is from my cookbook and it is so versatile. I change up the protein and vegetables each time I make it. So no noodle soups are alike.

I added tofu, chicken, delicate enoki mushrooms and shitake mushrooms – all of them building the flavor of the soup, making every bite an exploration in texture. I sprinkled fresh cilantros and dropped some yuzu lime zest for vitamin C.

Magnus did not want to eat the cilantros, so he carefully navigated around them to get to the noodles. Then he ate the tofu, then a bit of the mushrooms. He did not finish the chicken nor the mushrooms but he finished the soup, noodles and tofu, and the bowl basically empty when he was done. And then he said something very very strange and unexpected.

“I want to go to bed. I am tired”.

I almost fell off my chair.

The boy who never wants to fall asleep or stay asleep had never – ever – uttered such words proposing to be put in bed.

I guess the soup hit the spot.

He started snoring pretty much right after the lights went out.


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