Traveling is a wonderful experience for your kids.

For your child, whether it is going to a neighboring town for an afternoon or flying to a foreign land, it is about creating new experiences and understanding about the world beyond routines and the everyday.

When I had Magnus, I wanted him to see as much as he could of the world. If it were not for his initial illness, we would probably have moved back to Africa after his birth. We had to make serious life changes, endured some tough months of being in limbo, but as the saying goes in Algeria (as my dear friend Feriel often tells me) – when one door closes, seven others open.

And with time, open doors life did.

There have been travels, journeys and memorable experiences, both fun and difficult.

From getting a passport to long-haul flights, car-sickness and massive jet-lag that seemed to last for weeks, it has been an inspiring challenge, especially when we get to a place and Magnus is filled with excitement about seeing camels, getting on a ship, eating a Roman pizza or making new friends who greet him in a different language – it is all so worth it.

People say that children don’t keep their memories. And it is true that I myself don’t have clear recollection from my very early days.

But I do know that however short-term the memory, the journeys that Magnus is exposed to mark him. He still asks me about Morocco, where we visited almost a year ago. And he remembers how hot it was in Rome compared to the chilly mid-summers in Norway. So these memories do stay with him. It matters little to me if he will remember it when he is 40. It does matters to me that he recalls it now, today, and that it has left an impression on him.

On this page I will be posting travel logs, travel tips and what to bring to have Smart Bites Travels without too much fuss. I am always the one carrying tons of food with me whenever we travel. Have always been. I don’t want to get stuck somewhere with no food and Magnus hungry.


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