24 Months and Beyond

At 24 months, your child can fully enjoy all of the same foods as adults. You can enjoy making family meals and continuing to provide diversity in flavors, textures and colors in foods.

It is easy to get into a routine and end up cooking the same reperatoire of foods. You can change things up by looking at new recipes, asking your partner to try a random recipe, making new shopping lists with your child, or make a special project around a food topic. For example, you can take carrots as a theme, and together with your child, you can show that vegetables can be eaten raw, steamed, baked and mashed. For busy working parents, you can make family cooking part of your weekend activities and make bit batches of curries or stews, say, which you could freeze for the week.

You can also integrate nutrition as part of your talks with your child during meals, talking about how certain foods help make certain parts of the body grow. Since I was very little, my mother always talked about how seaweed helped hair grow long and thick, how each grain of rice was planted, harvested and hulled by farmers with bent backs and how blueberries helped with vision and eye development.

I will be posting age-appropriate recipes – you can pull up all of the recipes for this age group by clicking on the Recipes Category link on the right side of the site.


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