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“If you have a growing baby, you know the importance of snacks. While some go-to snack items are oh-so convenient, consider mixing in these simple recipes that are packed with vitamins to boost Baby’s brain development. Enter Mika Shino — a mom who’s passionate and knowledgeable about food and nutrition. After her son was born with a liver condition, she set out to find healthy foods that help stimulate brain development and even published a cookbook, Smart Bites for Baby, with what she found! Here, Mika shares some of her favorite brain-building finger food recipes. (Please note: While the recipes mention recommended ages for introducing foods, it’s very important that you work with your pediatrician to understand the latest guidelines and concern about allergens specific to your child.)”.



If you have a growing baby, you know the importance of snacks. (“Nack” was one of my daughter’s first words.) While some go-to snack items are oh-so convenient, considering mixing in these simple recipes that are packed with vitamins to boost Baby’s brain development. Mika Shino — a mom who’s passionate and knowledgeable about food and nutrition — was kind enough to share the Top 10 Brain Foods with me in December. And now she shares some of her favorite brain-building finger food recipes


“Have you ever considered that the food you’re feeding your baby might be giving him a mental boost? From eating seasonal, fresh foods—which helps with the absorption of nutrients, to providing different textures and colors to stimulate the mind, to choosing foods high in vitamins and nutrients, there are foods that make a difference when it comes to your baby’s (or toddler’s) brain development. Mika Shino is a mom (who happens to wear a chef’s hat) who’s passionate about the topic, and she shared her Top 10 Brain Foods—including some really cool recipes that will have you thinking jar food is just about as bland as it looks”.

Forget plain stewed peas! From salmon sushi to udon noodles with sardines, author and mom Mika Shino shares her fave brain-boosting recipes”.,,20645176_21230994,00.html

Parents Magazine

“I’d recommend this book to parents who are obsessed with three things: creative cooking, nutritious “brain” foods and Asian ingredients. The recipes such as Udon Saute with Chicken and Quinoa Almond Pudding sound delicious to me, and I’d be willing to try them out on my little kids”.

Parents Magazine Baton Rouge

“Parents looking to introduce their children to new foods that will stimulate their brain and make dinnertime fun time will love this book”

The Poopsie Collective

” I love that the recipes in this book aren’t like those in other baby/kids cookbooks. They are unique, inspiring and “unconventional”. I made the Cheddar Edamame Cornbread (BIG thumbs up from my daughter!), Orange, Carrot and Cinnamon Rice Pudding (BIG thumbs up from me & my daughter!), and the Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Sauce (BIG thumbs up from the whole family!). Do these sound like your typical baby cookbook recipes? I didn’t think so either.

 Shino restated what I already knew but had lost my inspiration for: Feeding our children is serious business, not to be taken lightly or given up on. It informs them about their world and their relationship with food follows them for life. Giving our children the nutrients they need to build stronger bodies and healthier brains is crucial. But it needn’t be scary or difficult. Get Mika Shino’s book Smart Bites for Baby and see for yourself how good these recipes are for your entire family. And start having fun (again) with your child’s food exploration”.

Salt and Nectar

“Mika’s cookbook title says it all. Smart Bites for Baby are really just that—brain food to fuel your developing baby and toddler. Inspired by an early health scare with her son, Mika sought ways to positively influence her son’s growth and she realized the benefits of eating fresh organic foods that were free of questionable preservatives, sugars, and other nasty ingredients. Mika shares, “It is about providing fresh, organic, locally-produced and seasonal foods that integrate superfoods, exploring world flavors to ensure diversity in flavors, textures, temperature and colors in order to stimulate all of the senses, and hence, your child’s brain development.”

“Egg drop soup with corn and tofu? Sautéed lotus roots and arugula? Provence-inspired mussels with thyme, fennel and cherry tomatoes? Yes, Smart Bites for Babies really is for babies (and toddlers). Mika Shino, born in Japan, learned the tastes of all different countries as she worked for the United Nations and traveled around the world. Not only do her recipes introduce foreign flavors to tiny tongues, but they also use nutritious ingredients important for brain function and overall growth. And hey, you might discover a new favorite food for yourself, too!”

Bamboo Family Magazine

“Creamy Orzo with Shredded Crabmeat, Almond Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter, Couscous with Beef, Onions and Raisins and Sweet Yam, and Lotus Root Treats are some of the revolutionary thinking going on in this delicious book—complete with a “What to Have in Your Pantry” appendix, and nutrition and feeding facts throughout”.

Lil Sugar

“Mika Shino developed Smart Bites for Baby — 300 recipes designed to make mealtime a nutritious, mentally stimulating, and fun experience for babies and toddlers”.

Metro Magazine

“Kids can be finicky eaters? You don’t say! But chef and mother Mika Shino wants to change this. Shino believes that if your baby is introduced to worldly flavors and spices at a young age, he or she will not only become more adventurous, healthy eaters later in life, but you’ll also be helping his or her crucial, early brain development. She translates this philosophy in her new, easy-to-make cookbook, “Smart Bites for Baby.”–boost-your-baby-s-brain-through-healthy-eating


Organized by baby’s age, Smart Bites for Baby recipes emphasize fresh and organic foods, as well as introducing children to a world of flavors when they’re too young to say “no.” Mika Shino encourages parents and caregivers to “introduce worldly flavors and spices at a very early age, making food a source of learning, physical and mental development, and even fun.” The dishes are easy to prepare and the use of fresh foods eliminates worries about unwanted preservatives, sugars, and other nasty ingredients. )”


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