7-9 Months

Depending on when you began to introduce solids to your baby, you can begin, even at this early stage, to introduce variety in texture, flavors, colors and temperature for your baby.

Remember the 3 -4 day rule when it comes to introducing new foods and checking for allergic reaction. By 7-9 months, your baby can enjoy many foods, given that she has not produced allergic reactions. She can also enjoy room temperature foods as well as luke-warm and cold foods. Especially when your baby begins to teeth, it is nice for them to be able to gnaw on cold foods, like a cold (or frozen) bagel.

I will be posting recipes, food guidelines, feeding tips and which foods can be introduced at this time – you can pull up all of the recipes for this age group by clicking on the Recipes Category link on the upper right side of the website


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