19-24 Months







At 19 months, your child is a full fledged toddler, perhaps more active than ever, and probably with a strong idea of his likes and dislikes. While pickiness with food emerges at around 12 months for most children, some do not have any, while others develop them a little later in toddlerhood, at around 19 months.

This is usually combined with the slowing down of children’s growth rate – until one year, your baby was growing and developing at an accelerated rate. After the 12th month, their weight and height will develop at a slower pace. This means that they may not need to consume food as often as before. Your child may go through phases of eating particular foods or being averse to certain flavors (i.e. not wanting tomato sauce on a pasta dish and preferring to eat only plain pasta with butter).

This is also the time when your child may develop dislikes to certain textures – very suddenly. Your child was eating mashed potatoes and pureed vegetables until yesterday, and today, with no notice, he will not eat anything mushy.

For a certain time, during these 19-24 months, I tried to cook things separately and serve them separately in order to have options. Some parents feel that it is not necessary to go this route – if your child does not eat what has been prepared, then they can go hungry until the next meal – but I did not have the heart to take this path, and try to make sure I had something that my son could enjoy.

Your child at 19 months can enjoy all of the same foods as the grown-ups, and I usually made the same foods for us, omitting certain chilies of peppers for the little ones.

I will be posting recipes for 19-24 Months and beyond are classed in their own category to the right of the blog.




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