10-12 Months

Your baby is now an active little person, crawling or perhaps even walking already. Exploring and learning, and taking more interest in food and eating.

He will need more food for energy, and as his little stomach is still too small to take in too much food at once, you will have to keep up with snacks in-between meals. It can seem daunting – the feedings for milk, the meals, the snacks.. with a baby who has just recently learned how to be mobile, it seems like all of your energy is used up for keeping up with him. Now cooking healthy brainfood meals?

It is true – it can seem overwhelming.

But these months are fun, and your baby is getting closer and closer to being able to eat normal meals – which means you can make one meal for everyone – and not prepare different meals for each person in your family.

I will be posting age-appropriate recipes – you can pull up all of the recipes for this age group by clicking on the Recipes Category link on the upper right side of the website


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