12-18 Months

At 12 Months, your baby is now a toddler.

It is a bittersweet moment. You are happy that your child can now sit on his own and even eat on his own, begin to express himself with sounds and words. But you feel like it has gone so fast – my little baby is now a toddler?

Your toddler can now enjoy a large variety in food, and can eat the same textures as adults.

If it has not happened already, this is around the time your child will begin to develop dislikes in certain foods. It is a surprise for most parents – what your child loved yesterday may be harshly rejected today. Without warning and for no reason at all.

Most children come back from this picky phase to appreciating all kinds of food again, but this phase can last quite a while.

Just bear with it, and it will get better.

I will be posting age-appropriate recipes – you can pull up all of the recipes for this age group by clicking on the Recipes Category link on the lower right side of the website


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