Finger Foods



At about 8 months, Magnus refused to eat anything that was on a fork or a spoon. He began to insist on picking up the food with his fingers, and if he could not pick it up himself, he would not eat it. It was around this time when he learned to stand by himself, so he also refused to sit down on this high chair. So I had a child who would stand up and try to eat his meals with his hands. A very determined child.

This was also during a phase when my friends who were new mothers were struggling to figure out what kind of healthy snacks could be given to their babies as their appetites grew and one solid meal turned to 3 meals and 2 snacks. I was in the acclaimed Donna Hollaran’s Babygroup classes, and the mothers all spent days discussing snacks, ideas for finger foods and how to cook them. It felt like we were all constantly stuck for good ideas.

As I did my best to get him to sit down and feed him, I also began to explore different finger foods as well as snacks.

I will be posting age-appropriate finger foods and snacks, and would love to hear from you about your favorite snacks for your children.




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