Back at Home


Cy Paris was born on October 21, 2013 in Paris.

He was born a healthy 9 lbs., and is a thriving happy baby. Now our home is filled with the laughter and clatter of two boys – a pure joy to watch Magnus, now 6, and Cy bond, play and interact.

It has been an amazing, hectic and challenging year with our family spread out on different continents – adapting again to new motherhood and relearning the beauty of raising a newborn all over again. I have been in a cocoon with the baby, our son, our move – all of it taking so much more energy than I had ever imagined. More than ever, I am full of admiration for all mothers/fathers juggling modern life and making it all look so easy. And more than ever, I realize just how hard it is to provide your family with fresh, organic, nutritious and flavor-diverse meals all day, every day, in a creative, fun and stimulating way.

We moved from Paris back to the United States a few months ago and are now slowly settling in – it feels good to be back in the States, back at home where things are familiar, warm and welcoming. After all these years away, I feel like we can exhale. The transition has proven to be at times difficult, always stimulating and most of all, inspiring. I can’t wait to share all of the writing, photos and recipes I have been storing up in my little cocoon. More to come soon.



  1. Meirav Sakalowsky

    Helllooo!! Congrats! I didn’t realize you are back in the US! In LA? Would love to see you! All the best, Meirav

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Congratulations on having another beautiful baby! I really like your blog and I gotta say that picture is just adorable.
    xx Alexis (Fashion A)

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