Salmon Skewers with Sesame-Ginger Marinade




If we lived in the countryside, or in a suburban town with outdoor space, I would be grilling every single day – or every meal, rather. I love to grill. When we lived in Africa, and there were constant shortages of gas (and permanent shortages of electricity), I would grill everything from vegetables, meats, to fruit and even baked desserts. Our kitchen was set up outside, and since the fridge never worked because of no electricity, we had to buy fresh that day and grill it immediately before it turned in the West African heat. But here, in Paris, in our flat in the 16th arrondissement, I never get to grill, the closest I get to ‘grilling’ is on my stove-top grill pan or in my oven– I can’t tell you how I am looking forward to our weekends in the countryside to get my hands on a grill.


When I think of grilling I think of skewers. And skewers remind me of hot summer days. And hot summer days make me think of zucchini, peppers, ripe stone fruits and other good things.


So in my Parisian kitchen, dreaming of a grill, I set out some simple salmon skewers which were marinated for 15 minutes in a sweet ginger/sesame soy gravy. For adults you can sprinkle some red chili flakes for a bit of heat that goes nicely with the salmon. You can get this done so quickly, and kids love eating anything propped up on a stick. You can use any summer vegetables – summer squash, broccoli, tomatoes…


Skewers easily lets you get a complete meal together, with bright vegetables with Vitamin C, D and Folic Acid, together with protein, iron and DHA Omega 3 from the fish – quick and simple summer meals.



Salmon Skewers with Sesame Ginger Marinade (Serves 4)

2 thick salmon filets

1 zucchini

1 red pepper

¼ cup soy sauce

2 tablespoons water

2 tablespoons mirin

1 tablespoon chopped fresh ginger

1 teaspoon sesame oil

8-10 skewers (I use thin wooden ones which I cut in half to make short skewers which are about the size of a chopstick)


1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

2. In a bowl, mix together the soy sauce, water, mirin and the ginger.

3. Cut the salmon into small bite-size chunks in add to the soy mixture. Put in the fridge for 15 minutes.

4. Wash and cut the zucchini and red pepper into similar bite-size chunks

5. Taking the skewers, poke the zucchini and pepper chunks into each one, alternating them.

6. Place the skewers on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and roast for 10 minutes. Take out and let cool for 5 minutes.

7. Add the salmon chunks to the skewers, mixing them up with the vegetables. Pour the soy marinade over the skewers. Roast for 10 -15 minutes. Serve immediately.


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