Bentos this Week


I have been slack with posting weekly bento lunchboxes, not out of neglect, but because we have not had school for the past two weeks! We had what they call ‘fall vacation’ for the past two weeks. In France, the government has decided that the teachers and kids need a break every 6 weeks. So every month and a half, we have a 15 day holiday. Unthinkable in Japan, but it gives us time together – albeit the juggling most parents have to do with work in order to take care of their kids during this gap in the middle of back-to-school season.

School only started again on Thursday, and after the break, I knew I had lost the ability to whip up a bento as quickly as two weeks ago. It takes practice and thought – for me, at least.  And like I have mentioned, I am really not a morning person.

So yesterday it was roast salmon from the night before with rice and soy sauce, mini mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, cheese cubes and red pepper sticks. And today, a ham and cheese croissant sandwich, green beans, blueberries, tomatoes and strawberries with a almond-flax financier for dessert.

Will have to have a good think about what I will do next week…


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