Bento Lunchboxes for Traveling Moms

I am on a trip, the first one without Magnus in quite some time. The last time I travelled without him was back in May. It was a bit of a last minute thing, and the biggest worry I had was not his bedtime routine nor his play dates. It was about his lunchbox.

I don’t get so worried about the dinners since my husband or our nanny can usually reheat a meal. Lunchboxes take more of an effort, and it is always so painfully early in the morning.

So I went to the market on Saturday, did all of the shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, carefully laid out all of the ingredients on one part of the fridge, cooked and froze small portions, and left some detailed instructions on what to make for which day and in which combination:

Monday Lunch: Roasted salmon with rice, cheese, green beans, strawberries and blackberries

Tuesday: Branfood Mac n’Cheese with mozzarella cheese, dried beef slices, apricots and rice crackers

Wednesday: Cheese and ham sandwich with whole wheat bread, grapes, melon, cheese and sausages

I know. I have to let go a bit. Stop being so obsessive.

And I am sure Kjetil made a beautiful lunch today.

So I am here in Istanbul, where the gentle people are kind, the food an absolute inspiration and the wines so refined and diverse, and I think of Magnus as a happily fed child who had a fulfilling day at school, played nicely with his friends, by now fast asleep, enjoying moments alone with his father.

And I share with you some of last week’s bento box: soba noodles with soy and sesame, lamb kefta meatballs with cumin, fusili with cheddar cream sauce, pork cutlets with broccoli, prosciutto sandwich with whole wheat bread, chicken teriyaki skewers, blackberries, melon, raspberries, emmental cheese cubes…



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