Snack Jar Garbanzo Cookies

Before I post my week’s bento lunchboxes, I just had to share these cookies. Because they are both good for you and insanely addictive. I baked mountains of them in order to get the right texture and then had to give them all away because we could not stop eating them. I brought them to school for the kids and teachers, and they said they finished them in seconds.

The recipe is based on a very healthy and protein packed garbanzo bean cookies from my cookbook and inspired by the compost cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar with potato chips, marshmellows, chocolate chips and pretzels.The Momofuku MIlk Bar cookies are a wonder in both flavor and texture and the foundation is a butter sugar dough. It is a lot of sugar for little ones of handle so I used the no-butter and very low sugar content garbanzo bean cookies which are protein snacks, and studded them with bits and pieces of Magnus’ snack jar.

It is a fun project to do with kids Рhealthy treats with little morsels of their  favorite snack jar treats Рpretzels, m+ms, chocolate chips, graham crackers, caramel. Enough goodies to make each bite a sweet and salty surprise without additional sugar.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another beautiful fall day, and with some luck, we will be able to eat these for a picnic by the lake in Bois de Boulogne.


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