Baby Celery, Cherry Tomatoes and Other Veggie Snacks

It is a comforting thought that you don’t have to work hard for a simple healthy snack.

That you can just wash fresh ingredients and serve them just like that. Or heat them in with a little dash of sea salt and there is beauty on your plate for your child.

Some fresh corn, raw zucchini blossoms, sweet cherry tomatoes and these tender baby celery shoots are great snacks that are nutritious and stimulating in terms of texture, flavor and color. When I can I try to offer several different vegetables for a snack plate for diversity.

These vegetables are full of folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, potassium, manganese, as well as other vitamins and minerals. The fun part is in exploring with your child the sensations involved in eating a cherry tomato that pops in the mouth, or a soft zucchini blossom that feels like lamb’s ear lettuce when raw, or the slight crunchiness of a baby celery with hints of the adult version without the bitterness.

I sauteed the celery for a few seconds on a non-stick pan, sprinkled some salt and served it room temperature. They are soft and without the bitterness of normal celery.

I think these are some of the last of the summer that our kitchen will see in a while. It is great to be able to cherish every last bit of it with Magnus.



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