Beef Sukiyaki with Superman

Magnus has been living in his superhero costumes for the past week – Superman, Batman, Buzz LIghtyear, Spiderman.

Everything is about super powers and the different ways to tackle bad guys. He has been very concerned as of late with understanding how negative forces can creep up on a perfectly normal situation and mastering all of the techniques, from ice breath to laser beams, which can push back the evil forces.

So with a heaping bowl of short grain Japanese rice, we sat down for a protein packed beef dish, sukiyaki – literary meaning ‘sautee of what you like’ – a classic Japanese dish that is flavored with sweetened soy, mirin, and the stock of all of the beef, enoki mushrooms and vegetables that are cooked together and served with rice.

This recipe is from my cookbook, and the only thing I did different was to use a different type of noodle – konyaku noodles made of yams rather than udon noodles, and my mother added mochi rice cakes. Sukiyaki is a great way to integrate seasonal vegetables with a protein, and although it is typically made with beef, you can use any kind of protein. Because you can incorporate so many kinds of vegetables which will only enrich the stock, it has variety of texture and flavors that keeps you interested. The next bite could have some noodles with enoki, the bite after that could have enoki with beef, then you can pour some stock unto a spoonful of rice and add a bit of mochi on top of that…

Magnus does not love scallions, so he would only eat a few strands if they were cut into tiny pieces. But he loves the beef and the vegetables, as well as the wonderful thick stock that collects on the bottom of the dish.

If you have leftovers, the dish is even better with deeper flavors. You can make a great rice bowl dish – a domburi – simply heating up the leftovers in a pan, adding whipped eggs and pouring the entire mixture over a large bowl of rice.



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