Codfish Croquettes with Krispbread Crumbs

This is a nutty fish croquette from the cookbook – so simple to make. In addition to whole wheat bread crumbs and wheat germ, I add freshly crumbled Krispbread, a staple in the Norwegian diet where Kjetil is from  – they are high in fiber and gives this croquette a unique texture and taste – dense and savory. Codfish is packed with protein, DHA Omega 3, Vitamin 12 and magnesium. You can also use other protein sources, and these croquettes are great with crabmeat or shrimp.They are also great as a snack or as finger foods.

So when I was planning for a summer lunch with friends, I decided to serve these croquettes, some beef meatballs, brown rice and broccoli. There was also a good baguette and a country bread from the only bakery open in the neighborhood, all of the others, as well as the fruit stands, fishmonger and vegetable shops all being closed for the August summer holidays. We finished with mango sorbet and headed to the playground.

There, my friend Andrea showed us her cucumber with holes, perfect for fitting the cucumber slices on a finger for a summer snack.

Then the Moms found a strange lime scented fruit that were hanging on the trees and after much ado about whether they were lime or a kind of stone fruit, ended up being the soccer ball in the sand box.

All in all, it was a lovely summer day.


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