A Trip to Ponza

Ponza is the largest of the Italian Pontine Islands between Rome and Naples. One one side of the island, the ochre and golden cliffs jut straight out of the waters. On the other side, a beautiful town lined with pastel shaded houses,tiny brick-oven pizza shops and  fish stores with owners who turn on the lights only when customers walk in.

We stopped off for a morning walk before moving on to Rome, and despite the heat and the glaring sun, the kids did well walking up and down the hilly town paved with pale pastel stones. It is not easy to go sightseeing with kids, and for them, it can quickly become a boring event. We did our best to give them plenty of liquids and snacks and get them interested in the little things – a fish store with live fish tanks, boats unloading freshly fished produce, a souvenir store selling trinkets and toys for the beach.

We bought some cherry tomatoes, a watermelon that weighed 12 kilos (about 35 pounds), fresh focaccia and some dried chilies before heading back for lunch.

For lunch, Chef Ben prepared a white lunch for the kids – white fish, rice and cauliflower and a full blown Greek lunch for the adults with sesame falafel, lamb kefta, bulgur salad with parsley, tomato rice, freshly baked pita bread with hummus, tomato salad, fish with yogurt sauce and other dishes that extended our lunch well into the mid afternoon hours.


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